Hi !! From Hong Kong.

Hi Jennie and Chris

Thank you for comming Rafting with Foerst & Water. Sorry for our mistake.
But I could got on the river today! Yeah !!!


please look next page20130613one2.jpg

Imaging a " Summer vacation ” shot !! How is that ? I reckon pretty good.
And we raftied down the TONE river about 30km all together from the morning to the evening.
Next time if you come by near here, please call in and say Hellow ! I'll buy you a good coffee!!

See you then !!

Nori , Miya  and all staff.
Dear Nori and Miya,

It is a fantastic white rafting experience with you !! We enjoy the journey very much ! Thank you all for taking care of Jennie and me. Nori, remember that you and I are very young !!

Jennie and Chris
Posted by CHRIS  at 2013年06月18日 21:08
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